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EnGarde USA body armor and Bullet proof Vests

Welcome to EnGarde USA, the premier site for all your personal body armor needs. We manufacture the finest bullet proof vests and body armor available for military, law enforcement and civilian use all over the world. We create our products with durability, performance and comfort in mind while ensuring the safety and security of our clients. At EnGarde USA you can conveniently order your vest online.
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The materials of our body armor products are simply the best and include DSM Dyneema®, DuPont™ Kevlar® XP™ and PeraPlus™. They allow our vests to continually surpass body armor standards laid down by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), while providing our clients comfort, maneuverability and the utmost in safety. DSM Dyneema® materials are waterproof and are safe from UV light deterioration and guaranteed to be effective in stopping rounds and shrapnel for ten years. EnGarde USA offers the highest value for its body armor products and is committed to only the best in customer service and in ensuring quick delivery times.

This menu on this website will take you to the different types of body armor and personal safety products we offer: concealable armor, tactical armor, specialist armor, hard armor and accessories.