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welcome to engarde usa

EnGarde® is dedicated to protecting the lives of our customers by providing the absolute best body armor and ballistic products. Our customers include law enforcement, private security, military personnel, non-profit organizations and individuals from a variety of industries working in dangerous areas.

The number of school and workplace shootings has driven demand for personal protective products. People have good reason to be concerned for themselves and their kids. The certain knowledge that there will be more random shootings means bulletproof vests, briefcase shields and other products aren’t just for cops anymore. Random shootings can happen anywhere and it’s smart to be prepared.

Our body armor starts with finest materials available from around the world. We then combine those best in class bullet-stopping materials with superior engineering and ergonomics to make our vests the most comfortable for long-wear situations, even in the hottest climates!

EnGarde® is based in Europe and offers factory-direct pricing to our customers. With our proactive inventory management we’ll be able to ship your order right away. We take pride in the quality of our products and our personal approach to customer service with quick, easy and open lines of communication.

At EnGarde® we’ve got your back.

You can trust EnGarde USA to have your back.

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The DeLuxe™ concealment vests fit perfectly; and I know that your company makes a quality product that I can trust my life on. I’ve worn many vests in my time and I love the cut of the vest that I received.

We have ordered Leopard vests with hard armor inserts and received the vests within 8 days. Both the quick service as the quality of the vests was excellent. The vests we received exceeded our expectations.

My experience with the FLEX-PRO™ is in one word: unique. Even after a 24 hour shift, my EnGarde vest feels very comfortable to wear. The vest does not restrict my movement at all and give protection all around my body.

I am very happy with the EnGarde Patrol vest I bought. I am a police officer in Greece and, in addition to being very safe it is very light and invisible when working as undercover cop! Keep up the good work to protect us!.

Lightweight product, also very nice to wear when moving around or sitting in a car. EnGarde offered me good quality and service. I can highly recommend to buy an EnGarde vest.

I have been wearing my EnGarde Leopard vest daily for two years now and am very happy that I bought it. My colleagues also bought this Leopard vest and are equally happy with it. I can recommend EnGarde without hesitation.

Our security company Inside Safety Limburg bought protective vests from EnGarde. During the first evening we were wearing the vests there was a stabbing incident. Without any injuries thanks to your top quality product.

I wear my DeLuxe™ body armor with FLEX-PRO™ panels on a daily basis and never thought that a vest could be so comfortable. I can highly recommend EnGarde to all police officers.

Kyle S. - Armed Courier


Astic V. – Gendarme


A. R. – Police Officer Vienna


Giannis K. – Police Officer Crete


Thomas P. – Rural Police Officer


Richard G. – Special Operation Unit –


Remco P. – Security Guard

The Netherlands

C. W.– Police Officer Vie0nna