Concealable body armor must be well fitting to remain hidden from view. EnGarde USA concealable armor is intended to be worn for long periods of time. It fits well so it maintains comfort while remaining hidden.

EnGarde DeLuxe Undergarment Vest

The EnGarde DeLuxe is the most popular vest we sell and has been since it was first released. This easily concealed vest provides superior protection from handgun rounds and shrapnel from all sides. Due to its easy wear design the EnGarde DeLuxe is an ideal choice for law enforcement and security personnel.

The EnGarde DeLuxe is available in four different soft ballistic packages starting with the ULTRA™ panels for NIJ Level II protection. For NIJ Level IIIA we offer the MT-PRO™, ULTRA™ and COMFORT™ soft armor packages.


Available ballistic packages: ULTRA-II™, MT-PRO™, ULTRA-IIIA™, COMFORT
Carrier material: Cordura® and COOLMAX® ACTIVE
NIJ protection level: II, IIIA
Weight (medium size): 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs) for NIJ Level II
1.58 kg (3.4 lbs) for NIJ Level IIIA
Colors: Black, white
Price: From US$ 625 (incl. shipment)

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EnGarde Dual Use Vest

Like the EnGarde DeLuxe, the EnGarde Dual Use Undergarment vest is a favorite with law enforcement and security officers. In addition, it has two internal compartments for armor plates to be inserted, ideal for increased protection against high powered rounds and threats from machine guns.

The plates provide the greatest protection against both rifle rounds and blunt trauma and allow for return fire even after impact. The EnGarde dual use vest can function either as an open tactical vest or a hidden body armor vest.

Available ballistic packages: ULTRA-II™, ULTRA-IIIA
Carrier material: Cotton twill
NIJ protection level: II or IIIA
Weight (medium size): 1.60 kg (3.5 lbs) for NIJ Level II
1.90 kg (4.2 lbs) for NIJ Level IIIA
4.25 kg (9.4 lbs) with two Level III inserts
Color: Navy Blue
Price: From US$ 625 (incl. shipment)

EnGarde Dual Use